Kingdom Sowing Center

Kingdom Sowing Center

We are currently working to realize a vision that we believe will serve a real need in India of Odisha , Chatisgarh, and punjab as well as provide meaningful opportunity for involvement for those around the India with a common interest and God-given gift of sewing. The vision is to establish the ministry as a viable and meaningful opportunity to train and disciple new believers in India County. The vision is a ministry called ‘Reach to unreached.’ The idea is simple: to provide a place, material and training for those who sew. At the same time, this ministry will open doors for those who are skilled sewers to use their gifts and talents to teach those younger, a practical skill as well as affording them the opportunity to mentor and disciple them in the Lord. The ministry uses sewing as a foundation to serve the discipleship and outreach needs of churches in India. This will include sewing machines and accessories; cloth, thread, etc

sewing machines, tables, cloth and other sewing notions, started the ministry. By Darlene foster We are also blessed with extra machines that will be given away on an as-needed , oversees the ministry in India. Locally, Puspa has helped gather small sewing notions and made small bags to put them in so that local women can be taught how to do simple sewing tasks, such as sewing on a button, etc…,This ministry uses sewing as a foundation for fellowship, discipleship and outreach. Through this hands-on ministry connections will be formed with the women in India . Some of the items that the ladies in India are learning to sew have come back to the punjab .

‘Reach to unreached’ seeks to provide

Sponsorship, friendship and prayer from the body of Christ around the India We ask that you pray as to how, or whether the Lord would have you accompany us in the realization of this ministry. For families who cannot afford to buy clothing, KSC’s sewing centers are a tremendous blessing. Many women have learned to sew at the centers and are thankful to be able to provide for the practical needs of their families. The centers, located in India of Odisha Funda village, Punjab in Fazilka Dharampura village,and Chatisgarh in Bilashpur Tehka Village . Besides giving needy women the satisfaction of providing much needed clothing for their own families, Ksc sewing centers also give them the opportunity to provide for the needs of others. The seamstresses keep one out of every four items they make; the rest go to other needy people in the area.Chatisgarh, who oversees our sewing centers in punjab, says, “We use every piece of material. We don’t throw anything away. All of the items that are made are given away; nothing is sold.”

Kingdom Sowing Centre Project Summary

This project is aimed at empowering 79 women in urban slum areas of north India by providing free sewing and tailoring skill development training to make them self-sufficiency and self reliant. The project will enable women deprived, poverty stricken working as domestic servants, single parent and widows are being given opportunity to undergo free training in sewing and tailoring. It will also provide each woman with her own treadle sewing machine, allowing her to earn a living from home to support her family.

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

Women slum dwellers in Odisha,Punjab,Chatisgarh,Rajastan are migrated from different states of India in search of livelihood and struggling hard to maintain their family. Main occupation of these people are domestic servants as men are without any job, the women are the main source of bread earning member in the family. Identified women will be given training and in turn they earn and live on their own. The entire family will be benefited, Will support the beneficiary to establish small sewing center.

How will this project solve this problem?

To reduce poverty the program will provide skill development training for the women dwellers in sewing and tailoring in this identified area, families will be benefited directly and creating a ray of hope for better source of livelihood, and live a sustainable life with self-sufficiency and self reliance. After completion of the skill training, the project will support to establish one sewing center and in turn they will train other women and get their earnings and also by stitching dresses.

Potential Long Term Impact The project will empower women for their families well being and for their sustainable living, every batch of women/youth-girls will in turn benefit by this training and will take this as their profession and train other women community and develop their standard of living.