Church Planting

Church Planting & Evangelism

More than 400 million children live in India that is more than in any other country in the world. An estimated 26 million of these children are orphan and live in the streets. Often, these children’s daily lives consist of begging and digging through trash for scraps of food before searching nightly for a safe place to sleep on the street. Many inevitably turn to crime or prostitution to survive. These children in need of Home, School, Teacher, Future and Hope. India is home to the largest concentration of unreached people in the world. According to the U.S. Center for World Missions, nearly 1/3 of the world’s 7,000 unreached people groups reside in India. 83 percent of people in India reside in rural villages and towns. “Peniel Rescue Ministries” is focusing on planting churches in these villages to reach the masses. Our native missionaries are working in different unreached regions of India. We are seeing tremendous growth among the different unreached societies. Our goal is to send out thousands of church planters to the harvest field.

By sponsoring for just $100 you can be part of our missionaries. This money will be used for their living expenses, their children’s education, and their medical needs. A native missionary in India has his advantages. He and his family can survive on only $100 per month! He knows the language and customs of his people; he is used to the food and poor living conditions. He is a powerful tool in the hand of God to reach his fellow countrymen.

Church Building

Our Missionaries have their own congregation. In many of the villages in which they work, they are the only workers for many miles around. As their home cell groups grow in size, it becomes necessary to build a church hall to hold all of the people. Most of these villages are too poor to be able to afford the construction. There is a continued need for proper sanctuaries to worship. At many places people gather in makeshift arrangements or thatched huts and it becomes very difficult to have services in hostile weather conditions like heavy rainfall or in summer. “Peniel Rescue Ministries”is able to build a church hall for only. Please consider if God is leading you to Build a Church. Each church can be dedicated to the memory of a loved one or donated in the name of a loved one. .