About us

“Peniel Rescue Ministries” established with a divine vision to preach Word of God to the millions and to liberate the poor, to heal the broken hearted, to care for orphans and widows, to empower youth & women, to spread awareness, to reach the hardest and darkest sections of our society with love and light.

The history of Peniel Rescue Ministries is the story of God using an ordinary couple in an extraordinary way. Peniel Rescue Ministries is an indigenous, inter-denominational, charitable organization. It is governed by a board of devoted men and women. Peniel Rescue Ministries is committed to share the love and compassion of God through word and deed. Peniel Rescue Ministry is involved in social, economical, educational and other development activities among the poorest of the poor. The goal of Peniel Rescue ministry is to build up confidence, generate hope and encourage them to live dignified lives in the society.

In 2009 the organization birthed as Peniel Rescue Ministries, though prior to that the Founder/Director and his team labored in the villages without a banner of recognition. Since then the ministry has grown in Poor children and bounds catering to hundreds of youth and kids through special Youth Retreats, Discipleship training Institutes and out-reach programs.This Ministry was instrumental in conducting big crusades in cities and towns with the help of the local churches and leaders of the society.

Our Ministry Programs

Church Planting & Evangelism

Our native missionaries are working in different parts of Odisha under the banner of Peniel Rescue Ministries. We are seeing tremendous growth among the different unreached societies, with the help of the native missionaries who know the language and culture of the people.

Kingdom Sowing Center

This project is aimed at empowering 79 women in urban slum areas of north India by providing free sewing and tailoring skill development training to make them self-sufficiency and self reliant. The project will enable women deprived, poverty stricken working as domestic servants, single parent and widows are being given opportunity to undergo free training in sewing and tailoring.

Children Education

Children Education is a national level programme of Peniel Rescue Ministries Trust which provides basic education and healthcare to underprivileged children. Indian Peniel Rescue Ministries Trust believes that whether you are addressing healthcare, poverty, population control, unemployment or human rights, there's no better place to start than in the corridors of education.

Medical Camps & Nutritional Feeding Program

Feeding Program has enabled children living in the urban slum to have healthy, bright futures. Through a solid education and two warm meals every day, children on the program have steadily graduated to earn a degree and make a liveable wage for themselves – thus breaking the cycle of poverty in their families.

Peniel Faith Home

Joshua began when Lalita saw a need called to a that was when she felt lifetime of ministry working with children in need. Throughout the years, the only thing that has kept the children fed, within her town for children who didn’t have parents. In the very beginning, she started taking in children from her neighborhood and clothed, and warm is faith.