Medical Camps

We organize free medical camps in remote and rural villages. We invite specialized doctors from renowned hospitals and give them general health checkups, eye checkups, dental checkups and other medical checkups to them. We also provide free medicines and treatments to people according to their need. Through this, we help the underprivileged people to have the access to healthcare services freely.

Peniel Rescue Ministries is involved in catering to the needs of the outcast patients. Every month, each of these patients are provided with a little support and medical aid. Separate savings for children of these patients is deposited every month in the post office. Financial aid is just little compared to the spiritual nourishment being extended through a committed pastor at the Church constructed for these dear ones. Apart from these activities Annual Revival meetings in the colony are conducted every year, during which time other patients from surrounding districts are invited. About 150 patients were ministered the Word of God and his amazing love. During Christmas, Peniel Rescue Ministries members spend a whole day entertaining them with dramas, skits, dancing and singing. Generous gifts are also shared with them on that day.

Majority of the people living in remote villages are daily wage laborers, who earn very meager income. They don’t go hospital or get a health checkup even when they are sick. Because, their little income won’t be sufficient to afford to the costs of getting a good health checkup or buying the medicines the doctor has prescribed for them. Hence, many people die each year even though their sickness was easily curable.