Faith Home

Faith Home

Joshua began when Lalita saw a need called to a that was when she felt lifetime of ministry working with children in need. Throughout the years, the only thing that has kept the children fed, within her town for children who didn’t have parents. In the very beginning, she started taking in children from her neighborhood and clothed, and warm is faith. There were many times when there would be nothing in the pantry to eat and panic would start to arise in the adult workers, but Lalita would just calmly say “God will provide, these are his kids.” Sure enough, every time, some one would come with groceries right before it was time for the children to eat.

Education has always been important to the orphanage and they are always encouraging the kids. We have children from every type of background imaginable. There are children who have been abused verbally, physically, and sexually. The parents of these children are drug addicts, alcoholics, prostitutes, in jail, or they just don’t want their children anymore. The police or social workers are usually the ones to bring the children to faith home and they almost always show up wearing rags and extremely dirty. Some of the children show up beaten and starving.

The first thing Lalita attends to is their physical needs, she gives them clothes, food, and a place to call home. Next, she helps them emotionally, loving and telling them that they are precious and valuable. Finally, she tells them about the love of Jesus. She tells the children that they may not have parents here, but Jesus will never leave them and that He loves them so much. If you take a look at any of the children’s’ faces at the orphanage, you will see them smiling and full of joy. God is the joy at penile faith home, come celebrate His love with us.

There are stories that you never forget or that you can never understand. Working at the orphanage, you get to spend time with amazing little children who just want to be loved and hugged. They are so starved for attention that they won’t leave your side all day. There have been times when I have been reading a book and the kids will just sit at my side for hours, never leaving me, just wanting to be close to someone who cares.I have seen kids come to the orphanage bruised and beaten by the people who were supposed to protect and love them.We have one little boy who’s own mother broke his back while beating him, because she had a bad day at work. We have kids whose parents had them begging on the streets for money. We have children whose parents told them that they wished they had never been born.What always humbles me is that whenever we have prayer before our meals, the kids always pray for their families, even the ones that abused them. They completely forgive the people who sinned against them and they still love them with all their hearts.

If you want to meet some of the cutest, sweetest, most loving children in the india, come visit us at Peniel faith Home, we need all the help we can get.

Director of PRM